Carrim Tile Mecca

About Us

About Us

K. Carrim Tile Mecca is solely owned by K. Carrim Group Holdings. Other companies within the group are K. Carrim Builders Mecca, K. Carrim Wholesale Hardware, K. Carrim Roof Trusses, K. Carrim Nail & Wire Industries, K. Carrim Residential Properties, K. Carrim Commercial Properties and K. Carrim Property Development.

At K. Carrim Tile Mecca you can explore a wide range of South Africa's top quality floor tiles, form polished and glazed porcelain to endless aisles of various ceramic tiles in a rainbow of colours and textures. Find just the right look for you, from contemporary to a timeless Renaissance classic. With the multitude of tiles available at K. Carrim Tile Mecca, you will be able to make a selection that suits the style of your interior design, complimenting and capturing the essence of your personality and style.

Our Mission

To create an uphold a company that places their clients first and keeps them in touch with the latest global trends, combining this with truly consistent personalized service excellence. K. Carrim Tile Mecca aim to become South Africa's leading supplier of all building materials and property needs, distributing not only the mainstream, but innovative and trendy quality products at competitive prices. The Group's success will spore from maintaining a business model with a root foundation in establishing a diverse group of high caliber employees, performing at optimum levels; creating an environment that sparks innovation and positive thought.

Our Vision

To deliver the best possible advice, services and products punctually, ensuring it's at the best value and quality. K. Carrim Tile Mecca strive to become the supplier and employer of choice in the building material and property industry.

Code of Ethics

K. Carrim Tile Mecca strive to continue doing what is right, fair and sincere. This applies to our families, friends, staff, company, shareholders, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers. We endeavor to reflect a company of the highest integrity, rationality and compassion. By upholding said qualities, K. Carrim Tile Mecca becomes the perfect place for employees to work, clients to purchase, contractors to distribute and shareholders to invest in.

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